Congratulations to the Graduates #111 & #112 of the St. Mary's County Substance Abuse Recovery Court

Leonardtown, MD - March 7, 2020 St. Mary’s County State’s Attorney Richard Fritz and the State's Attorney's Office congratulate graduates #111 and #112 of the St. Mary's County Substance Abuse Recovery Court.

A graduation ceremony was held in the St. Mary's County Circuit Court on Thursday, March 5, 2020.

Substance Abuse Recovery Court is designed to provide a new path for those individuals with an identifiable nexus between their criminal behavior and addiction issues.

Both graduates successfully completed this intensive program that required, among other things, completion of substance abuse treatment, regular appearances before the court, numerous drug screenings, stable employment and housing.

The Honorable Judge Joseph M. Stanalonis presided over the ceremony and a Proclamation of Recognition was presented representative from Senator Chris Van Hollen's Office, Scott Travers.

In addition to substance abuse treatment, Recovery Court participants are eligible for financial scholarships to the College of Southern Maryland and may participate in a SARC graduate alumni support group
Assistant State's Attorneys Kevin R. Hill and John Pleisse prosecute cases in the Recovery Court program.

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