Another Broken Record: Almost 250 New COVID-19 Cases in Maryland Overnight

***The Maryland Department of Health has information that is not current with what St. Mary's County Health Department officials are reporting. The county at this time is showing 10 positive cases, so our numbers have been calculated with the newest information.***

LEXINGTON PARK, Md. — As of Sunday morning at roughly 10 a.m., the Maryland Department of Health is confirming a total of 1239 cases of the novel coronavirus(COVID-19) across the state of Maryland, however this total is short of one recently confirmed case of a male in St. Mary's County, which would make the total at this time 1240.

This new total means there are 248 newly confirmed cases in the past 24 hours, the largest single day jump throughout the pandemic. This is the fifth consecutive day of breaking that record.

At this time, there are 48 officially confirmed cases in the Southern Maryland region. Charles County saw their previously confirmed total of 21 cases rise to 28, which unfortunately now includes the death of one resident. In Calvert County, MDH has confirmed one more new case, bringing their total to 10. St. Mary’s County’s total was previously eight but an increase that was recorded overnight makes their new total 10.

A majority of the positive cases across the state are still found in Montgomery County and Prince George's County. Since yesterday, PG County has confirmed a total of 51 new cases, bringing their total official cases up to 247. Montgomery County recorded 46 new cases overnight, making them the first county to break 300 cases. Anne Arundel County has also confirmed 11 new cases in the last 24 hours, bringing their official total just shy of 100.

On Mar. 27, the total number of confirmed cases by the Maryland Department of Health was 992. As of Mar. 28, that number is 1240*, showing over a 25% increase across the state in the past 24 hours.

The Maryland Department of Health is confirming the following demographic breakdown of the cases, showing that the largest group to be impacted is adults under 65 years of age:

0-9: 4
10-19: 21
20-29: 165
30-39: 203
40-49: 241
50-59: 244
60-69: 191
70-79: 117
80+: 54

Female: 634

Male: 606

“This battle is going to be much harder, take much longer, and be much worse than almost anyone comprehends,” Gov. Larry Hogan[R] said in a press release last week. “We have never faced anything like this ever before, and I continue to urge the people of our state to stay in place at home and stay safe."

This is an ongoing story that we will update with any new information regarding officially confirmed cases in Southern Maryland.

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