School safety--government/schools need parental involvement

Leonardtown, MD - During the "commissioner time" of the Tuesday, March 13 meeting of the St. Mary's County Commissioners, one of the board members, with some degree of animation, reported on the public meeting he attended with the Superintendent of Schools, the sheriff and interested parties last week. Commissioner Todd Morgan [R - District 4] said that the presentations were excellent and noted attendees from the state wanted a copy of the video prepared by the schools entitled "Report BUT don't Repeat" to be used by other counties.

Morgan noted that nothing was more important than safety in the schools. "Millions of dollars have been expended to make our schools safer, over 500 security cameras, special locks and resource officers. We must, however, work in unison and specifically note the damage that can occur if parents are not monitoring their children's social media habits. My kids when in school,  did not appreciate that I insisted that all cell phones were to be on the kitchen table charging at 10 p.m."

Morgan used a safety analogy which all government employees and contractors are taught. "When faced with a dangerous situation follow the mantra of 'run, hide and fight.' "

Morgan along with other members of the BOCC stressed that the problem needs parental and social responsibility to be a key factor in making schools as safe as they can be. He was disappointed with the attendance, estimated by The BayNet to be about 100 people presumably mostly parents. That comment fed back to parental involvement or the lack thereof.

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