Mayor urges board to reconsider library plan

Image depicts in blue the Town of Chesapeake Beach's proposed location of a new Twin Beach Library branch. (please note the color designation has been revised to clarify the proposed building's exact location. Additionally, there are other variations of the map below.

Chesapeake Beach, MD - The mayor of Chesapeake Beach is calling on the Calvert County Commissioners reconsider a decision on the location of a new Twin Beaches Library branch location. The president of the Calvert County Commissioners confirms a recommendation has been made but a final decision on the project has not.

Mayor Pat “Irish” Mahoney has released a statement and a presentation on the town’s plan for providing a location for a new branch. The parcel is located on Gordon Stinnett Avenue on land zoned Exempt Commercial.

Mahoney stated, “when deciding how to spend millions of taxpayer dollars, the public and stakeholders should expect the decision process to be objective and transparent for all. Our county leaders need to know that the recommendation process for the new Twin Beaches library location did not meet these basic standards. The Town of Chesapeake Beach asks the board of county commissioners to reopen their decision and perform an independent evaluation deserving of the citizens it serves. Chesapeake Beach is offering a library location in the Kellams Field complex at no cost to the county, a location utilized year-round by families enjoying the Northeast Community Center, the Town Waterpark, and sporting fields for youth football, baseball and lacrosse. It would also be located on the footsteps of our Fishing Creek boardwalk that provides pedestrian access to almost 2,000 homes which includes our Fishing Creek affordable housing community.”

Mahoney characterized the ongoing proposal and recommendation process as “tainted.” The mayor added that the county commissioners “should revisit the actions that led to the recent decision to ensure all its citizens are treated with the respect they deserve.”

Commissioners’ President Evan K. Slaughenhoupt Jr. [R - District 3] told that a final decision has not been made. “Assertions have been made about the fairness of the selection process for a new library location in the Twin Beaches area, along with whether the board of county commissioners [BOCC] has made a decision on the issue. These are the facts: The Board of Library Trustees [BOLT] is leading the site selection process. As requested, BOLT made a recommendation to the BOCC on its preferred location. The BOCC has made no decision on the site selection. When the BOCC takes up the issue, the final decision will be an open meeting item and considered publicly.”

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