Opinion – Waugh sends letter to St. Mary’s Commissioners

Maryland Senator Steve Waugh
To the St. Mary’s County Commissioners:
I am glad to offer one final opportunity to negotiate a compromise on the bond request. You are invited to meet with me in Annapolis on March 15, 2017 to negotiate a compromise, as we have tried five times before on Nov 16, Feb 9, Feb 15, Feb 22, and most recently Mar 1.

To clarify, the County already has bond authority for the library ($1.5 million), the jail ($10 million) and FDR Boulevard and other roads ($20 million).

On March 2, the County could not provide an estimate of what the new ratio of debt to assessed value would be under the new debt limit calculation. If you cannot say with certainty how much debt the County and MetCom are in, and how much more the County could afford, we will not add more debt.

Time is of the essence; the people of St. Mary's want us to work together. Please respond in writing that you will meet with us, that you are prepared to negotiate a compromise, and your representatives are fully empowered to make a binding agreement.

Senator Steve Waugh [R - District 29]

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