Opinion - Miller 'was for it before against it'

Maryland Senator Mike Miller and Delegate Mark Fisher

Senator Mike Miller and Delegate Mark Fisher

Annapolis, MD – On Wednesday, March 22, Maryland Senate President Mike Miller was quoted by the Baltimore Sun calling the Sanctuary State Bill - “Reasonable.” 

House Bill 1362 prohibits a federal agent from enforcing federal immigration laws within the State of Maryland even when an illegal immigrant is arrested for a felony; This bill prohibits law enforcement officials from stopping, arresting, searching, or detaining an individual for purposes of investigating a suspected immigration violation or inquiring about specified matters.

After an overwhelming outcry by Maryland residents, Senator Miller has backtracked on his statements. Senator Miller now opines that “Maryland will not become a sanctuary state.”

Delegate Mark Fisher said: “Senator Miller was for it before he was against it--so, it’s critical that the citizens of Maryland hold Senator Miller accountable to his promise.”
Fisher continued: “This poorly misguided legislation, pushed by the progressive left, puts politics over public safety.”

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