Swimsuit Ready?

Every single spring, people are trying to get ready for summer and the beach or pool. That means dieting and exercising to no avail. Everyone is obsessed with trying to get the perfect beach body so that they look good in their bathing suits – especially women.

While health is important, why is it expected that women look great and some men just own their huge bellies and hellacious back hair? Women have to shave pretty much everything, look thin and be the epitome of what a water goddess would look like. Otherwise, people will either make fun or shun.

Men and women do it to each other. It doesn’t stop at swimming places, let’s talk about mowing the lawn. There are some very confident men who take their shirts off while doing so. While it’s very distracting to be driving by your neighbor’s house and see a 300 pound man mowing the lawn like that, that’s legal and their prerogative.

If you just had a baby, why not rock that baby body and be proud of it? Women tend to cover up in shame when they just performed a miracle while men proudly display what steak and beer can do to what was once a fit guy. Ladies, there’s no shame so don’t let it get to you.

Getting fit for a certain season is not a bad thing but it should be an equal thing. There is so much pressure in society for women to look a certain way and men don’t get that same standard. It really should be everyone that aims for what is best.

No matter your shape or size, there are plenty of ways to get out and about during the summer. Go to the movies, a sports game or social event. Or, if you want to cool off and swim and you’re not comfortable in a swimsuit, don’t wear one! 

This summer, let’s defy society’s standards and just be ourselves, enjoy ourselves and keep cool.

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