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This article is always dedicated to my readers. I appreciate every one of you – like me or hate me. I’ll take your comments, no names, and post them below to respond.

“Opinions are debatable, I know, but they should be argued based on logic and facts. We must acknowledge that even an opinion piece can influence hearts and minds, which can eventually shape policy, and that makes them a powerful tool.”

I agree with this, however, the piece you are commenting on is a response to is Babbles Back. I can respond any way I choose and with these I choose to have some fun. I have written about changing policies within Maryland and yet it seems then readers are more interested in commenting on how they feel than helping change policy.


That’s an actual response. How did you guess my bra size?

“To answer your article's title: yes, money matters more than lives. We see it everyday. Do I agree with that?  No. It's sad.”

It is sad, however, while some people deem money to matter more than people, human beings have souls and we all go to an afterlife and you can’t take it with you.
“One way to prevent this situation in the future is to develop term limits for the Supreme Court Justices.”

I completely agree. This is in regard to The Senate vs Obama article. If there were a set term time limit, such as the presidency, I don’t believe that this would be as controversial.

“The explanation was pretty clear LibTard.”

Sweet burn… please note sarcasm because I feel you can do better than that.

Usually I do a few more comments but I wanted to address the negative comments. My articles will go back and forth from what would be considered conservative all the way to liberal because I am neither one. While I thank you for reading, this discussion forum is for all of you. Write your opinions and discuss among your community. Don’t just get on here to insult people because we are all adults and can do so without insulting one another. If you don’t have the maturity to do that, yet can afford a computer, then I’m more concerned about our society than you are.

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