Babbling B Babbles Back 3.8.16

This editorial is dedicated to all my readers and the comments that are left for me to read – love or hate, I’m responding to you. Thank you and you’re welcome.

“Not all Uber drivers are like this I'm Uber driver I drive in St. Mary's County along with some others and we are nothing like this person do not believe everything you hear about over drivers don't judge us on this”

No, there are bad apples in every business. I actually know an Uber driver who would never do this. Keep doing your thing. It sucks that someone would put such a bad name to a good brand.

“It is really sad that all you can focus on, it seems, are stories that divide people, and target men. You women want to be "safe" when using any type of taxi service? Go in pairs. Or stay home. Life itself is a dangerous proposition. There are no guarantees that something bad won't happen to anyone, man or woman, inflicted by a man, or woman. Grow up.”

HE WAS AN UBER DRIVER. No, you grow up. This was a real life situation where people were murdered. You are defending a serial killer. Plus, please you stay home… preferably in the kitchen and get off the Internet.

“I think all is fair in war. Torture works. Regardless of what u may think or believe. Torture goes on as we speak on both sides. It's not talked about but it is happening. I don't care what you think but it has saved many American lives by using this in war.”

Maybe you know something I don’t know. You could be right. Thanks for answering the question with an honest answer.

“ALL pharmaceuticals are 100% for profit. Why ostracize this man? How many doctors take the time anymore to really help their patients with natural remedies? My bet is you never had one unless you specifically solicited one. The doctors make money pushing these drugs run by the pharmaceutical industry. It's a win-win for both sides, and the loser is the patient. This man is no different than any other pharmaceutical company.”

When you show up in court and don’t even pretend to give a crap over victims who have died because they couldn’t afford their medications, you deserve to be spoken and written about in a negative way. Period.

“Treat others how you want to be treated.”

I think this is the best thing anyone has posted. It is universal and is the answer to a lot of questions. Thank you – no matter what it’s in regard to, thank you.

Babbling B

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