'The Best Social Program is a Job'

In the spirit of this country’s forefathers, a grassroots "tea party" protest movement comprised of Republicans, Democrats and independents concerned about the direction in which our nation is headed has broken out across America. On Suday, March 22 the movement landed squarely in U.S. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer's own backyard.

On Sunday, there was a huge ralley that filled Solomons pavillion, spilling out across the island. Hundreds of people came to hear inspirational speakers and to protest the path on witch the nation is embarked.
According to one event speaker, Charles Lollar in an interview with, "Ths rally was a tremendous
Charles Lollar
success because people are tired of the entitlement mentality that exists. [Lawmakers] in Congress and Annapolis need to know they have no right to hold citizens hostage to support their own agendas." It was Lollar that gave rise to the crowd with his stirring speech at one point stating, "The best social program is a job!"
There was a great deal of interest in the event and the effort was bolstered by the hundreds of attendees that shared their displeasure with President Barak Obama, Maryland's Governor Martin O'Malley and Congressman Steny Hoyer.
TBN was there to record the effort and the protest which culminated with the launching of a "tea party-style" symbolic throwing of boxes of tea into the harbor to the cheers of all in attendance.
The local Calvert County Republican Party endorsed the movement and the "Concerned Citizens Tea Party" event was open to all. The event's speakers included:
Delegate Tony O'Donnell, Minority Leader, Maryland House of Delegates, Dr. Jim Pelura, Chairman, Maryland Republican Party, Charles Lollar, Chairman, Charles County GOP Central Committee and Chairman, Maryland GOP Commission on Citizen Tax Reform, Bryan Jaffe Treasurer, St. Mary's County GOP Central Committee, Mykel Harris, Chairman, Republican Party of Prince George's County, Moshe Starkman - Chairman, Montgomery County Young Republicans and founder,, Mike McDermott, Mayor, Pocomoke City, MD.

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