Hubscher Joins Race for St. Mary's County Commissioner President

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At noon on Monday, March 20, Dennis Jack Hubscher (R) of Hollywood appeared at the Saint Mary’s County Board of Elections and filed for the office of President of the Board of County Commissioners.   

Hubscher is making his second attempt at election to the Board of County Commissioners by succeeding Thomas McKay (R) who is running against Roy Dyson from the Maryland Senate.

Hubscher claims to bring a strong blend of business and governmental expertise to the race that will decide who will chair the Board for the next four year term. He joins three democrats already vying for this post. 

Hubscher is a Certified Public Accountant, real estate broker/investor, and a former financial management officer with 30 years experience with the U. S. Departments of the Interior, Commerce, and the Pacific Northwest Regional Commission. 

Hubscher’s educational credentials include a master’s degree in general administration from the University of Maryland and an undergraduate degree from Benjamin Franklin University.  He is a graduate of the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, where he served as its class vice-president. 

Hubscher claims a central aim is to bring greater consensus-building skills to the Board of County Commissioners and improve the quality of life in Saint Mary’s County for its citizens in the years ahead.  A few of his goals include: full funding of the educational needs of the school system; improving the roads; buildings, and parks; supporting smart growth initiatives and sound environmental policies; adopting housing assistance programs for low income citizens; permanently capping senior citizen property taxes; strengthening public safety; and acting in a fiscally prudent manner when it comes to the budget and taxes.

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