A Tractor Trailer and Two Other Vehicles Collide on Solomons Bridge, Grinding Traffic to a Halt in Calvert and St. Mary's

An accident involving three vehicles occurred this afternoon on the Solomon’s Bridge between St. Mary’s and Calvert Counties.

Preliminary reports suggest the accident took place on the North-bound lane of the bridge.

One car was able to drive away from the crash, but a tractor trailer that was involved became stuck on the bridge, obscuring traffic in both directions for some time.

Considerable tail-backs were just beginning to clear on the St. Mary’s side of the bridge, at 3:15 pm, although traffic continued to be backed up along 235 as drivers Calvert-bound waited and waited to turn onto Rt. 4. A tow-truck responded and loaded one of the crumpled vehicles at 3:29 pm, after navigating its way onto the bridge with assistance from police. At 4:07 pm police reported that the tractor trailer has finally been cleared from the road.

Check back with The Bay Net for more information as it becomes available.

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