Deputies Warn Drivers To Clear Vehicles Of Snow And Ice

PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. -- The following message is provided by the Calvert County Sheriff's Office.

"Leaving snow and ice on top of your car is not only putting yourself, the driver in danger, but you’re putting other motorists in danger including pedestrians. Ice and snow on vehicles should be cleared off to prevent a potential tragedy.

Flying ice can cause drivers approaching it to swerve or take other evasive actions not expected by nearby motorists, cause a broken windshield or blind another driver's view, possibly resulting in a crash.

Clouds of powdery snow can cause a white-out for those behind you. If you come to a sudden stop with snow on your roof, it can all fall forward and block your vision or windshield.

When driving, especially when you are traveling at fast speeds, the snow and ice flying off your car can become very hazardous. Serious accidents and even deaths, have happened as a result of chunks of snow and ice getting propelled off of vehicles.

Please be courteous, think of others, avoid fines, and clean your vehicle off."


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