SMCSO Reporting Numerous Trees Down Throughout the County

11:20 a.m. - Tree down on Three Notch Road in the area of Florence Way in St Inigoes

LEONARDTOWN, Md. - February 19, 2021, 7:00 a.m. - The St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office is reporting numerous trees down throughout the county and blocking roadways. If you travel expect delays. Check out the traffic cameras before you go out! List of emergency calls for trees down listed down below.

On February 19, 2021, at approximately  8:18 a.m., emergency units responded to a tree down on a home on Bellwood Lane in California. No injuries have been reported.

On February 19, 2021, at approximately 1:14 p.m., emergency units responded to Chapman Drive in Lexington Park for tree down on a mobile home. No injuries have been reported.

Bellwood Lane in California

Bellwood Lane in California

10:30 a.m. - Tree down on Piney Point Road in the area of Hewitt Road in Valley Lee.

Are you experiencing a power outage? There are currently multiple outages in the tri-county area. Click here to see when your power may be turned back on.

UPDATED: Feb. 19 - 5:08 P.M. - Here is a list of emergency calls since this morning in St. Mary's County for trees down:

  1. 5:00:49*Tree Down*20721 PINEY POINT RD, CALLAWAY
  2. 3:38:57*Tree Down*20064 NORTH SNOW HILL MANOR RD, ST MARYS CITY
  3. 3:31:01*Tree Down*24950 OLD THREE NOTCH RD, HOLLYWOOD
  4. 3:00:13*Tree Down*44478 WILDEWOOD PKY, CALIFORNIA
  5. 2:39:05*Tree Down*47468 SEWELL RD, LEXINGTON PARK
  6. 2:14:34*Wires/Pole Down Transformers*21550 WILLOWS RD, LEXINGTON PARK
  7. 1:56:53*Tree Down*24020 PAPPYS WY, HOLLYWOOD
  8. 1:40:44*Tree Down*25089 THREE NOTCH RD, HOLLYWOOD
  9. 1:40:23*Wires/Pole Down Transformers*24275 HOLLYWOOD RD, HOLLYWOOD
  10. 1:39:01*Tree Down*44560 ELEANOR CT, HOLLYWOOD
  11. 1:28:21*Tree Down*23176 THREE NOTCH RD, CALIFORNIA
  12. 1:28:07*Service Call*21700 ENTERPRISE RD, LEXINGTON PARK
  13. 1:24:46*Tree Down*43175 NORTH MEGAN LN, LEONARDTOWN
  14. 1:14:29 EST 13:14:29*Service Call*46404 CHAPMAN DR, LEXINGTON PARK
  15. 12:58:23*Wires/Pole Down Transformers*23944 HOLLYWOOD RD, HOLLYWOOD
  16. 12:46:47*Tree Down*44781 WILDEWOOD PKY, CALIFORNIA
  17. 12:35:14*Wires/Pole Down Transformers*24355 HOLLYWOOD RD, HOLLYWOOD
  18. 12:27:13*Tree Down*18662 THREE NOTCH RD, LEXINGTON PARK
  19. 12:17:48*Tree Down*18350 THREE NOTCH RD, LEXINGTON PARK
  20. 11:47:10*Wires/Pole Down Transformers*47468 SEWELL RD, LEXINGTON PARK
  21. 11:37:55*Tree Down*20800 CHESTNUT RIDGE DR, LEONARDTOWN
  22. 11:37:37*Tree Down*21351 FOREST PARK RD, LEXINGTON PARK
  23. 11:27:20*Tree Down*21861 PEGG RD, LEXINGTON PARK
  24. 11:22:38*Wires/Pole Down Transformers*45911 CHARLES WY, GREAT MILLS
  25. 11:20:04*Tree Down*44855 SHADY HOLLOW LN, CALIFORNIA
  26. 11:17:22*Tree Down*18662 THREE NOTCH RD, LEXINGTON PARK
  27. 11:11:32*Tree Down*18134 ST JEROMES NECK RD, DAMERON
  28. 11:03:09*Tree Down*44527 WILDEWOOD PKY, CALIFORNIA
  29. 10:59:26*Tree Down*23205 HOLLYWOOD RD, LEONARDTOWN
  30. 10:55:57*Wires/Pole Down Transformers*22480 BULL RD, LEONARDTOWN
  31. 10:52:02*Tree Down*24473 HOLLYWOOD RD, HOLLYWOOD
  32. 10:49:03*Tree Down*19444 FLAT IRON RD, GREAT MILLS
  33. 10:43:40*Tree Down*24151 HALF PONE POINT RD, HOLLYWOOD
  34. 10:25:42*Tree Down*46901 GREEN TREE DR, GLEN FOREST NAWC
  35. 10:25:19*Tree Down*21002 POINT LOOKOUT RD, CALLAWAY
  36. 09:39:56*Tree Down*19842 TIPPETT RD, LEXINGTON PARK
  37. 09:10:41*Tree Down*21325 WILLOWS RD, LEXINGTON PARK
  38. 09:01:14*Tree Down*19691 THREE NOTCH RD, LEXINGTON PARK
  39. 08:55:59*Tree Down*43513 ST ANDREWS CHURCH RD, CALIFORNIA
  40. 08:44:26*Tree Down*46118 FROGS MARSH RD, DRAYDEN
  41. 08:40:04*Tree Down*44490 CLARKES LANDING RD, HOLLYWOOD
  42. 08:37:01*Tree Down*44445 ST ANDREWS CHURCH RD, CALIFORNIA
  43. 08:29:22*Tree Down*44445 ST ANDREWS CHURCH RD,
  44. 08:18:45*Structural Collapse*22719 BELLWOOD LN, CALIFORNIA
  45. 07:57:21*Tree Down*19780 PINEY POINT RD, CALLAWAY
  46. 07:56:20*Tree Down*44489 CLARKES LANDING RD, HOLLYWOOD
  47. 07:40:46*Tree Down*43910 WOODMONT DR, LEONARDTOWN
  48. 07:14:03*Tree Down*46378 PEGG LN, LEXINGTON PARK
  49. 07:11:58*Tree Down*19644 FLAT IRON RD, GREAT MILLS
  50. 07:06:35*Tree Down*43921 ST ANDREWS CHURCH RD, CALIFORNIA
  51. 06:52:55*Tree Down*21028 CAMP COSOMA RD, LEONARDTOWN
  52. 06:51:18*Tree Down*22101 PEGG RD, LEXINGTON PARK
  53. 06:49:14*Tree Down*20535 CHESTNUT RIDGE DR, LEONARDTOWN
  54. 06:45:18*Tree Down*20201 THREE NOTCH RD, LEXINGTON PARK
  55. 06:35:26*Wires/Pole Down Transformers*22665 POINT LOOKOUT RD, LEONARDTOWN
  56. 06:22:03*Tree Down*17901 POINT LOOKOUT RD, PARK HALL
  57. 06:07:51*Tree Down*17331 POINT LOOKOUT RD, PARK HALL
  58. 06:06:01*Tree Down*25250 MCINTOSH RD, HOLLYWOOD
  59. 06:02:21*Wires/Pole Down Transformers*20227 THREE NOTCH RD, LEXINGTON PARK

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