Kenneth Lee Has Announced His Candidacy for Maryland’s 5th Congressional District

February 12, 2020 - Kenneth Lee has announced his candidacy to replace Congressman Steny Hoyer in Maryland’s 5th Congressional District.  This announcement comes after much consideration and discussion with his family, friends, and party supporters.  The reason why Kenneth chose to embark upon this effort is because of what he feels is Congressman Hoyer’s 40-year career of failing to uphold his oath of office and represent his constituents according to the U.S. Constitution.  In this era of ever-eroding rights and the unfair encroachment on your property by the government, the time is ripe for this change.  Kenneth Lee is the change you are looking for.

Kenneth was born and grew up in Northeast Baltimore City and graduated from Paterson High School in 1984.  He was raised by his working-class parents in a loving and caring environment that stressed the importance of family and doing his absolute best to provide for them.  In doing that, Kenneth accepted an appointment in the Baltimore City Fire Department in 1987.  Upon graduating from the fire academy, he was assigned to one of Baltimore’s busiest responding units, Engine Company 13.  During this time, Kenneth was featured in a documentary by the Discovery Channel called, “Streets of Fire” that highlighted the efforts of his company to meet the high demand for the fire service in urban Baltimore City.  During his twenty years of service, Kenneth received several awards for outstanding service and exemplary performance in proficiency of his duties in responding to serious emergencies. Before his retirement from the department, Kenneth acquired a MHIC contractor/salesman license and built a home improvement company with his wife that they still own and operate today.

Married in 1994, the Lee’s have three children, two of them are in public high school and one is off at college. They moved to Calvert County in 2000 and live on a farm with their two dogs, four cats, two turtles, two fish, a couple of roosters and some chickens.  They started planting Christmas trees in the spring of 2017 and are tending the field while they grow.  Kenneth’s father came to stay with them in January of 2019.  They enjoy traveling in their RV and spending time together as a family.

Kenneth continues to devote time and energy to the community, participating in community cleanups and volunteering for a local cat rescue organization.  The entire Lee family has spent many years in animal rescue helping dogs, cats, horses, and wildlife.  Kenneth spent several seasons as a volunteer coach for youth soccer teams and took part in set construction for high school theater productions.

Please visit and see why the time is right to elect him to Congress representing Maryland’s 5th District.

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