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Great Mills, MD - February 14, 2020 - The landlord has given The Mission notice that the lease will not be renewed, and we will be receiving our 60 day notice soon. We have searched and approached several property owners; even ones that have been vacant for years,  just to be turned down because no one wants to rent to an organization that helps the homeless. This campaign is to raise the funds necessary for the "down payment" so that The Mission may purchase the property.

Additionally, the property has income, so not only will this down payment meet our needs, it will also supply The Mission with an income flow allowing us to do even more for our local community. Please help The Mission raise the funds necessary for the down payment for the building which it has been located for the past 8 years.

The purchase price will be somewhere between 650-700k, which is why our goal is to raise $200,000. This funding will give The Mission a 25% down payment and closing costs.

“Helping the Community One Person at a Time” is the motto of The Mission: a local Christian Outreach, 501c3, founded in 2013 by two veteran U.S Marines, and twin brothers Robert and Richard Myers.

The Mission has raised $26,617.33 in the first 5 days.

Thank you Barbara Svenson for your $10,000 Donation!

The Mission serves the homeless, working poor, those with mental health issues who cannot work; and individuals with drug or alcohol addiction. The Mission supplies showers, computer training, food pantry, budget classes, clothing for job interviews, bikes to get back & forth to work, tents and sleeping bags when necessary. The Mission also serves as a dayroom for people to get out of the elements in the winter and summer. We have opened our doors many times when weather has caused the need for an emergency shelter. Lastly, The Mission  serves three dinners open to the entire community, on Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. We do all of this at no cost to the community or those in need.

Currently the Mission is 100% funded with local private funds, mainly from generous individuals, businesses and a handful of churches. 

Thanks to all the volunteers and supporters that make The Missions' 365 day a year Outreach possible.

If anyone has a question(s) please call Richard Myers, Director of The Mission at 562-822-8752 or Robert Myers at 240-587-0517.

God Bless and Thank You for your support.  

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Note: The number one question The Mission is receiving from the public is the following:

Q: Why did The Mission wait so long to start fundraising for the building?

A: The building was under contract and the owners would not enter Negotiations with The Mission. The contract was not successful. As soon as The Mission found out everything went into motion to purchase the property. Additionally, the owners are very  happy  to see The Mission's goal of purchasing the property. 


Mail Checks to:

The Mission P.O Box 2011

California,  MD 20619 

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