Town officials oppose bridge option

Chesapeake Beach, MD - The following letter, dated Feb. 20, was sent to Maryland Transportation Authority’s Division of Project Planning and Program Development Government Relations Manager Michele Gross was signed and sent by the mayor and town council of Chesapeake Beach.

Dear Ms. Gross:
We are aware that you have received correspondence from the Calvert County Board of County Commissioners regarding concerns with having the Bay Bridge crossing in Calvert County. It is the intention of the Mayor and Town Council of the Town of Chesapeake Beach to communicate that our position on this matter is consistent with the Calvert County Board of County Commissioners. We have great concerns over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge crossing being proposed directly through the center of our small Town. At its proposed location, the placement of the bridge would eliminate our Veterans Memorial Park, negatively impose upon residential properties and deteriorate an ecologically sensitive shoreline. It is incomprehensible that a small town, such as Chesapeake Beach, would even be considered as a possible location given the drastic impact a Bay Bridge crossing would have on the safety of municipal residents, the Town's ability to provide municipal services and the results such a crossing would have on major investments made by the state and town to improve safety and walkability in our town. These impacts would not only be faced by the town's 6,000 residents, but also by our neighboring municipality, the Town of North Beach, with approximately 2,000 residents.

Having a Chesapeake Bay Bridge located through the center of our town would draw a tremendous amount of high-speed pass-through traffic, auto-dependent sprawl development to our quiet town placing an undue burden on municipal residents and municipal operations. A bridge, such as this, would destroy the standard of living we know, have worked towards and continue to investment in.

We respectfully request that you remove the Town of Chesapeake Beach from your list of pre-decisional options for the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Crossing.

Patrick J. Mahoney, Mayor; Valerie L. Beaudin, Councilwoman; Stewart B. Cumbo, Councilman; Derek J. Favret, Councilman; Lawrence P. Jaworski, Councilman; Gregory Morris, Councilman; and Keith L. Pardieck, Councilman.

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