Calvert man indicted on 30 counts for illegal gun possession

Trevon Charles Brooks

Prince Frederick, MD - A Calvert County grand jury handed down a 31-count indictment Jan. 23, charging a Lusby man with various weapons violations, court documents stated. The defendant, Trevon Charles Brooks, 26, is facing the charges due to previous charges that prohibited him from lawfully possessing firearms.
According to documents on file with District Court of Maryland, last Nov. 30, Officer David J. Helterbran of the Maryland Natural Resources Police (NRP) responded to the area of Morsell Road in Calvert County to investigate a report of a trespassing hunter. “Upon my arrival, I made contact with an individual, later identified as Trevon Charles Brooks, who did not have written permission to hunt on the property,”

Helterbran stated in court documents. “I made contact with two hunters who were on the scene and had written permission to be on the property. The hunters stated they had heard Brooks fire several shots and confronted him as Brooks was field-dressing the deer on their property. I observed a field-dressed antlered deer and a shotgun on the ground next to Brooks. I asked Brooks if the he had shot the deer and if the firearm belonged to him. Brooks confirmed he was the one that killed the deer and claimed ownership of the firearm. Brooks proceeded to pick up the shotgun and unload one shell from the chamber and one shell from the magazine tube.”

Helterbran contacted the NRP Communications Center to check on Brooks’ wanted status. The officer learned Brooks was not wanted by authorities “but did have a final protective order filed against him.” A check of the shotgun’s serial number indicated the weapon was not stolen or flagged.

Natural Resources Police Sgt. Sarah Grice then contacted the Maryland Gun Center and learned that Brooks is prohibited from possessing firearms due to a Dec. 2013 guilty verdict for possession with intent to distribute and a firearm/drug trafficking crime; his June 2008 status as an adjudicated delinquent of a crime which would disqualify him from possessing or owning a gun if he were an adult, a Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene status that prohibits firearm possession and being the respondent of an active final protective order.

Helterbran arrested Brooks and subsequently searched his backpack, which contained 20 “Super X” shotgun shells. Police executed a search warrant on Brooks' residence and located several other guns.

The grand jury indicted Brooks on seven counts each of controlled dangerous substance possession of firearms and shotgun possession with a felony conviction, 14 counts of shotgun possession while disqualified, two counts of illegal possession of ammunition and one count of trespassing on posted property. Twelve of the counts are felonies.

Brooks’ initial Circuit Court hearing was scheduled for Feb. 4. Court records show he was freed on $10,000 bond Dec. 3. Prosecution of the case against Brooks will be handled by Calvert County Assistant State’s Attorney Gary Michael Morgan Jr.

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