OPINION - Trump and Hogan put lipstick on a pig

Maryland Democratic Party State Chair Kathleen Matthews

Bethesda, MD - As I watched Donald Trump’s State of the Union and Larry Hogan’s State of the State address to the Maryland General Assembly this week, I was shocked how they could see the facts so differently from the reality we experience everyday. Both speeches were heavy on rhetoric, light on the details, and silent on the fights that matter. It was like putting lipstick on a pig.

During his campaign, Governor Hogan promised to change Maryland, and he sure did—after three years under Hogan, public schools are declining, businesses are leaving the state, and Marylanders are losing out on economic prosperity.

Governor Hogan thinks he can run on his record, but his only record is shying away from the tough political battles. In the past year, Governor Hogan ignored Marylanders begging him to stand with them against Trump’s sabotage of the Affordable Care Act. He said nothing about the GOP’s rotten-to-its-core tax plan, and he was silent on Trump’s efforts to tear apart immigrant families in Maryland.  Instead of using Wednesday’s speech as an opportunity to take a stand against Trump’s attacks on Marylanders, he ducked, dodged and rewrote history in an attempt to fool voters in an election year.

It’s now more crucial than ever that Maryland has a leader who will take on the tough political battles, not shy away from them like Governor Hogan continues to do. It’s clear that Maryland needs new, bold leadership to move our state forward in 2018.

Join us to organize a Red-to-blue takeover in November, and put a real leader in the Governor’s Mansion.

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