Opinion - Ending Obamacare won't stop healthcare

To the Editor:
In a letter to the editor dated Feb. 9, Richard Adams states that when the majority of St. Mary’s County voters cast their ballot for Donald Trump last November, they also made a decision that will lead to the dissolution of St. Mary’s Hospital. Nothing could be further from the truth. St. Mary’s Hospital existed and thrived for a century before Obamacare was implemented and it will remain a pillar of our community long after Obamacare is gone and a new healthcare law takes its place. Therein lies one fundamental flaw in Mr. Adams’s thought process. He implies that when Obamacare is repealed nothing will succeed it. If that were true, the Republican-controlled House and Senate would have already revoked this flawed law, since they now have a president who agrees with them. They have not done so because they are putting the final touches on what will come afterwards. While Obamacare may have been well-intentioned, it led to significant premium and deductible increases for many hard-working Americans. This must be fixed and President Trump is attempting to do that as quickly as possible.

Mr. Adams talked glowingly about the Shah family and their medical practice in his letter. I absolutely agree. Their reputation in our county is excellent and I know many people who have received high quality care from their fine physicians and medical providers. He uses this example to illustrate the many wonderful traits that immigrants can bring to our country and points out that our history is built on the efforts and talents of immigrants throughout the years. I agree with this, as well. However, a country also has the right and duty to manage its immigrant influx to fit its particular needs, financial situation and security at any given time. In doing so, it does not dishonor the contributions of its immigrants, past and present. It merely asks that people enter this country legally and through the correct process, as the talented Shah family and many others have done.

Lastly, after Mr. Adams tells us he has personally apologized to all of the Shah Medical Group doctors for the decision of St. Mary’s County voters to choose Donald Trump, he goes on to state how we should act when we have our next medical appointment. “Maybe you will humble yourself enough to say ‘thank you,’ in advance, to ensure that the procedure goes well. After all immigrants are human beings too, and when you disrespect, you get disrespect in return.”

Is Mr. Adams saying that the Shah Medical Group doctors will not give proper medical care to those who disagree with them politically? This is absolutely ridiculous and impugns the integrity of the many fine medical providers who work for this excellent family. Although some members of the Shah family have contributed significantly to Democrat politicians over the years, they would never give subpar treatment to the patients who disagree with their political beliefs. And neither would most health care providers, immigrant or not. For Mr. Adams to imply otherwise is irresponsible and disrespectful. He should know better.

Kevin Cioppa
Vice-Chair, St. Mary’s County Republican Central Committee

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