OPINION - End of Life Option bill is dangerous

To the Editor:

House Bill 370, known as the End-of-Life Option Act, authorizes physician assisted suicide. This is a dangerous bill!  While the language of the bill may seem humane and ethical, the likelihood of abuse is certain.

Is there a connection between Obamacare and Physician Assisted Suicide? The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has forced many insurance providers out. Prior to Obamacare, there were seven insurance companies in Maryland.  Today there are only two. As a result of little or no competition, insurers are increasing prices and decreasing access to medical care. Now, with HB 370, there is an incentive to ration care even further.

This bill is a potentially dangerous option for large insurance companies, as they may be emboldened to recommend physician assisted suicide. After all, it saves money and there are few competitors. As prices and care have become unaffordable and inaccessible, its very unsettling how government is suddenly sanctioning physician assisted suicide.

Think of it this way: First, Government controls your healthcare. Second, Government approves laws that permit physicians to end your life. Remember: "A Government large enough to give you everything you want --- is powerful enough to take everything you have!"

For more facts about the negative consequences of this bill, please visit and support Maryland Against Physician Assisted Suicide.

Delegate Mark N. Fisher [R - District 27C]

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