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Calvert County Public Schools' Milestone Employees
Prince Frederick, MD - Looking back on 45 years of work for Calvert County Public Schools (CCPS), Sharon Godfrey admitted, “I’ve enjoyed it. I guess I take after my mother. She worked a long time, too." Godfrey, who began her career with CCPS in 1972 as a Title 1 secretary in Instruction, has spent the balance of her career—over 35 years—in the school system’s Finance Department. For the past dozen years she has been the department’s head accounts payable clerk. Godfrey was at the top of the list of CCPS milestone employees honored Wednesday, Feb. 8 by school officials. The 42nd annual ceremony was held at Calvert High School (CHS) in the facility’s auditorium. The venue allowed, for the first time, accommodation of the honorees’ family members to watch the special ceremony.

Three employees were saluted for 40 years of service to education—note, CCPS honors employees for their combined years of service in education, not merely the time spent in Calvert. One of the three 40-year employees indicated she appreciated that gesture. Linda Flanagan started her career in education teaching English in Montgomery County. In 1981 she began a 27-year career in Charles County. In 2008 Flanagan joined CCPS as an acting supervisor in the Instruction Department. The following year she became supervisor of Secondary English/Reading/Language Arts. “We know more every year about learning,” Flanagan told She cited dramatic changes in technology and the discovery of innovative approaches to learning as education’s greatest advances in the past 40 years. “Two of the best things about working here in Calvert County are the people and the way you are treated,” Flanagan said. As for eclipsing the 40-year mark, Flanagan declared, “we take it one day at a time.”

Mae Harris began her employment with CCPS in 1977. She has always served the school system as a building services worker, all at CHS. The county’s oldest high school was rebuilt almost in its entirety a few years ago. “I like the new building,” said Harris. “I love the work.” She added that “hopefully” she will be back in the fall for her 41st year of employment.

Art teacher Gretchen Jankovitz has spent her entire 40-year career with CCPS, starting in the mid-1970s at Northern Middle School (NMS) “when it was inside Northern High School.” She taught art, language arts, reading and social studies as well as art and design at NMS. For the past 25 years Jankovitz has taught art at Beach Elementary School. When asked why she does it, Jankovitz stated, “because I really love to teach.” Seeing students develop throughout a school year is a gratifying experience and in elementary school “you see them year after year.” She recalled two of her former students who have made art a career. One former student is now an art teacher. Another pupil, who was a special education student, is now a professional artist. Jankovitz also admitted she has no immediate plans for the next school year.

In her remarks at the beginning of the ceremony, CCPS Director of Strategic Partnerships and Community Engagement Dr. Victoria D. Karol commended the nearly 180 milestone employees for “bringing your best set of values to the workplace.”
Superintendent of Schools Dr. Daniel Curry indicated the veteran employees are valued not only for their service to the students but their influence on the system’s newer employees.

The presentation of colors at the start of the event was made the CHS Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps Color Guard. The CHS Chamber Choir performed the Star Spangled Banner and the CHS Musical Theatre Group sang two songs.

The other CCPS milestone employees honored were;

Evelyn Barth, Vicki Bell, Rebecca Bowen, Sherry Brady, Constance Brooks, Diane Brown, Jennifer Bruno, John Burkhart, Sharon Campbell, Kimberly Cianciolo, Debra Clime, Kara Coffman, Beatrice Contee, Donna Corcoran, Donald Dembrow, Tina Ditmars, Marcie Ellis, Wendy Farrell, Mark Fischer, Mary Brooke Fitzpatrick, Carol Flaherty, Eric Freytag, Molly Gearhart, Stephen Godwin, Susan Godwin, Patricia Gott, Anna Gross, Donald Hammond, Sandra Hickin, Crystal Hill, Kevin Howard, Jennifer Humphreys, Jennifer Jensen, Kelly Kelsey, Kristin King, Barbara Kreider, James Kurtz, Sarah Larson, Rebecca Leishear, Margaret Likas, Toni-Ann Liston, Louis Long, Sr., Michelle Mason, Matthew McCauley, Denise McClellan, Tracy McCulley, Amy Milam, Jody Miller, Christina Montgomery, Susan Morrow, Michelle Mowchan, Christy Mullins, Jacqueline Mulvey, Sheila Myers, Lori Nichols, Barbara Pease, Lori Pellock, John Phillips, Maureen Pieringer, Terry Porter, Lynn Powell, Kerry Puttlitz, Kelly Raby, Dena Radosevic, Leeanne Rogers, Richard Roth, Karin Ryon, Kara Scarda, Michele Schmidt, Zachary Seawell, Kelli Short, Margaret Stay, Maureen Stewart, Debra Unkle, Donna Watts, Jaime Webster, Dawn Weddell, Stewart Weems, Tia Weems, Beth Whidden, Mark Whidden, Benjamin Williams, Walter Williams, Tammy Wright and Patricia Zalusky.

Rantessa Anderson, Patricia Ariemma, John Barracato, Jennifer Bates-Hudson, Daniel Boyer, Tara Brauns, Rosslyn Briscoe, Stacy Criss, Kathryn Dwyer, Kelly Fleming, Warren Gorman, Kristen Graves, Rodney Gray, Shelia Gray, Ruth Hawkins-Young, Amy Hoch, Carlton Howard, Edith Hutchins, Corrine Jacobs, Sharon Johannesen, Jennifer Kilpatrick, Donald Knode, Rebecca LeBlanc, Tyus Lewis, Guyle Lind-Glenn, Erika Mellen, Rebecca Minni, Linda Mooney, Kathleen Music, Patricia Payne, Nicole Penix, Cheryl Ragusa, David Redden, Paul Reilly, Mark Reynolds, Natasha Rice, Marsha Roberts, Elizabeth Roe, Stephanie Schoppert, Jennifer Smialek, Heather Smith, Mary Lee Smith, John Taylor, III, Amy Williams, Jennifer Young and Theresa Young.

Michael Andrewlevick, Leslie Baczynski, Eleanor Barnes, Peg Blacker, Marsha Bond-Taylor, Lawrence Butler, Jayme Cockrell, Eve Cox, Christina Curl, Kathryn Dangin, Elizabeth Gebelein, Nancy Gregory, Valerie Harrington, Warren Harvey, Lorrain Humphreys, Lori Idol, Patricia Keefe, Joy Kolenda, Gayle Lloyd, Catherine Lucas, Terrance McCleaf, Michelle Arter Mercado, Beth Nelson, Robert Riccardo, Kristin Ritchie, Susan Shifflett, Margaret Smallwood, Kim Staughton, Diana Sullivan, Patricia Todaro, Kathleen Toubar, Donna Wallmark, Janice Weamert and Lori Whitford.

Judith Bibb, Toni Chapman, Phyllis Croskey, Maureen Klem, Catherine Martin, Kevin Michael, N. Wayne Mister, Stephanie Riddle, Allyson Sigler, Dianna Varner, Anne Weems and Mary White.

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