Do you trust Uber drivers?

Recently, a man named Jason Brian Dalton, an Uber driver in Michigan, deliberately but randomly shot multiple people during a weekend. Dalton was charged with six counts of murder, two counts of assault with intent to commit murder and eight firearms charges. (

This shooting spree occurred while Dalton picked up fares in between. One passenger had gotten wind about the shootings and even asked Dalton if he was the one – which Dalton denied. He later informed the police he was indeed the shooter.

Should Uber be doing a better job of background checks? "As the local police have made clear, the perpetrator had no criminal record, and if there's nothing on someone's record, then no background check would raise a flag," said Joe Sullivan, chief security officer at Uber. Are there no other ways to check if someone is a possible serial killer… like an HR interview indicating severe, violent mental illness tendencies in a possible job candidate?

Cab drivers are trusted in many cities across the world but Uber is slightly different. Most people work as Uber drivers as a side job where cab drivers tend to do it as a career. Another difference is that when you get into a taxi, everything is being monitored, surveilled and tracked in real time and it’s a company owned vehicle.

Really, the point boils down to this–your parents taught you not to get into cars with strangers (who own their own vehicles). The metro, a taxi or a train have better regulations and aren’t deemed as dangerous (even though the same things could occur). If you’re a single woman going home at night and a male Uber driver pulls up in his Prius, do you feel safe getting a ride home?

Uber is a young idea and company compared to the taxi system and so far and for such a young company they’re facing some major PR issues. Do you trust Uber or someone posing to be an Uber driver in their own vehicle who now knows where you live?

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