Mom convinces defendant to take more jail time

La Plata, MD - Momma said do the time.

It was a hiccup in the judicial process during the trial of Joey Andrew Galloway, 21 of La Plata, facing sentencing Wednesday, Feb. 18 before Charles County Circuit Court Judge H. James West for five counts, including first-degree assault, second-degree assault, attempted fourth-degree burglary and malicious destruction of property dating to a March 23, 2014 incident.

West gave Galloway the option of doing six days in the county jail on work release with five years of supervised probation or 75 days straight time with no probation.

No sooner had Galloway told the court he “would absolutely be fine with probation,” when his mother asked the judge from the gallery if she could speak to her son.

As court moved on to other cases, Gwenlyn Galloway spoke with her son outside of the courtroom and apparently changed his way of thinking, as when the case resumed, defense attorney Robert C. Bonsib told the court, “If the court would permit, Mr. Galloway would do the 75 days of straight time."

Galloway addressed the court, stating, “I want to apologize to my grandparents for putting them through this. I have apologized to everyone who was in the house that night. I was so angry. It was never my intention to hurt anyone. I did not put my hands on anyone. I know what I did was wrong. I’m sorry.”

“My suspicion is there was more going on here than meets the eye,” West said. “When you pulled up at that house, you had to have known that there was heavy potential that you could be harmed, killed or whatever. The situation could blow up.

“When you go to someone’s house with bad intentions, it requires that you see the inside of a jail,” the judge added. “My hope is that when you do see it, when you may be in such a situation in the future, you’ll say, ‘don’t do it.’ ”

West ordered Galloway to report to jail Feb. 27 to begin serving 73 days (the judge gave him two days credit for time served).

“Do your 73 days, then you can be on your way to putting this behind you,” West stated.

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