McDonald's bringing in Old Bay Filet-O-Fish

WASHINGTON, D.C. – McDonald’s is proud to announce a new limited edition OLD BAY Filet-O-Fish.

Starting on February 16, more than 700 participating McDonald’s restaurants in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and the West Virginia panhandle will be serving their classic Filet-O-Fish with a special twist from the Chesapeake Bay area’s favorite seasoning. The OLD BAY Filet-O-Fish will feature a specially formulated OLD BAY tartar sauce and will be served at local McDonald’s restaurants for a limited time.

The idea for the product started at a world-wide McDonald’s convention last year when Mark Furr, an independent McDonald’s franchisee from Baltimore, was taste-testing new menu items and was inspired by how great OLD BAY would be on various menu offerings from McDonald’s, such as the Filet-O-Fish.

Almost immediately after Furr voiced the initial idea, local McDonald’s representatives reached out to Hunt Valley, Md. based McCormick & Co. to begin developing an OLD BAY-inspired menu item.  The two companies worked together to ensure that the offering was infused with the right amount of OLD BAY.  The end-result is an OLD BAY seasoned tartar sauce that delivers a taste that any McDonald’s or OLD BAY fan will love.

“McDonald’s is extremely excited to be able to deliver a true local taste to our customers via our classic Filet-O-Fish with a special OLD BAY tartar sauce,” said Mark Furr, McDonald’s franchisee.

From the Big Mac to the Egg McMuffin, many of McDonald’s most iconic products have been developed by local franchisees.  Regional tastes and customer preferences have played a key role, and the new OLD BAY Filet-O-Fish is no exception.

“OLD BAY is proud to collaborate with McDonald’s to offer a unique way to enjoy the distinctive flavor of OLD BAY right in the Chesapeake Bay region,” said Ed Hernandez, OLD BAY Brand Manager.  “The zesty taste of OLD BAY is the ultimate seafood seasoning, so teaming up with this classic fish favorite is the perfect pairing.”

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