Man sentenced for cyber sex with St. Mary's deputy

Hermenegildo Escamilla-Granados

Leonardtown, MD -- A Frederick man has been sentenced for an incident in which he attempted to solicit sex over the internet with a St. Mary’s County deputy posing as a 16-year-old girl. Hermenegildo Escamilla-Granados pled guilty on Monday, February 2 to a portion of the statute covering misuse of the telephone which deals with transmitting sexually explicit information via the internet.

As the result of an agreement between the state and the defense, Judge David Densford sentenced Escamilla-Granados to 364 days in jail and gave him credit for the 201 days he has already served.

According to St. Mary’s County State’s Attorney Rick Fritz, in one of the email transmissions Escamilla-Granados sent a photo of his penis to the deputy. According to Fritz, St. Mary’s County Vice/Narcotics Corporal Anthony Whipkey initiated the contact with the defendant through Craigslist.

At the time of his arrest in July of last year at his home in Frederick, it was reported that Escamilla-Granados, 30, entered the country illegally 13 years ago. His attorney Carl Somerlock of Frederick said his client married a short time after arriving in the country and they have two children. He said Escamilla-Granados was seeking his GED and has worked since his arrival in the country.

Throughout the court proceedings an interpreter was used in order to communicate back and forth with the defendant.

Fritz told the Bay Net that he believed that the defendant had a green card, but it would be up to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency to decide how to treat his status in the country once he serves his sentence.

Fritz told Judge Densford he agreed to strike a deal for the reduced sentence because “there was no evidence of attempt to go beyond conversation. It is a question of fanaticizing and whether he would have attempted to take steps to consummate what he was discussing.” Fritz said the distance between St. Mary’s and Frederick counties made it unlikely that would have happened. The defendant had no other criminal record.

So the state agreed to reduce the originally charged sexual solicitation of a minor, a felony, to the misdemeanor charge of telephone misuse, which carried a maximum penalty of three years in jail. The state dropped two other charges of prostitution.

The penis picture was sent to the deputy at his suggestion that the defendant send nude photographs of himself. Fritz said the deal was struck also because there may have been Miranda warning problems if the state had pursued the more serious charges.

Judge Densford, through the interpreter, urged Escamilla-Granados to serve his time and then go home to Frederick and make things right with his wife and children and his employer.

Escamilla-Granados told the judge through the interpreter, “I only want to say I am sorry for my conduct.” He will serve the remainder of his sentence in the St. Mary’s County Detention Center.

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