Friday the 13th, lucky in love

La Plata, MD - It was supposed to be for Valentine’s Day, but somehow couples wanting to get married at the Charles County Courthouse on the special day had to settle for a more nefarious Friday the 13th wedding.

Crystal Wolfe wanted to get married on Valentine’s Day, despite having no fear of Triskaidekaphobia, did admit she passed out before her wedding and had to be carted to the hospital with a busted lip.

She shrugged it off and went on with the wedding anyway, although they were only one of four couples married at the courthouse Friday, Feb. 13.

Charles County Clerk of the Circuit Court Sherry Hancock said they normally have a larger number of weddings on Valentine’s Day, but given that it falls on a Saturday this year, most couples apparently opted out.

She noted that 60 percent of all applications for marriage end up getting married at the courthouse.

“In order to accommodate citizens, we are renovating a room in district court just for weddings,” Hancock said. “The room where we were holding ceremonies was not much bigger than a closet. If you got six people in there it was crowded.”

The new room will seat up to 30-35 people, she added, noting that they are currently in the process of ordering seating, “kind of like church pews,” for the facility, which should be open and ready for business in a few weeks.

“A lot of times we have couples from divorced families that may bring children, or the groom might bring some of his family, we realized divided families might have so many people, we just couldn’t fit them in the smaller room,” she said. “It wasn’t a very nice environment.”

Chief Deputy Clerk Joyce Tippett, who married Ryan and Crystal Wolfe on Friday, said she was married in the courthouse.

“The room where I was married is now my office,” she noted.

Tippett said couples married at the courthouse would often get married out in the courtyard, but given Friday’s blustery weather, said that wouldn’t be possible on some days.

“We originally wanted to get married in August, but we couldn’t, so we decided to get married as close to Valentine’s Day as we could,” Crystal Wolfe said.

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