Citizens Urged to Check Out New Neighborhood Crime Web site

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Sheriff Timothy K. Cameron wishes to remind citizens access data concerning crimes reported in St. Mary’s County neighborhoods through the web site is an information/crime data sharing tool, put into operation by Sheriff Cameron, to the provide communities with time-sensitive and sometimes critical information about crimes which have occurred in their communities. is accessible through a link on the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office home page at allows citizens, homebuyers and others to look at when, where and what crimes are being committed throughout St. Mary’s County.  The crime information is provided to by the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office through a computer link to the Sheriff’s Office’s Unified Crime Reports (UCR). is free to the public. Citizens can access crime information in their neighborhoods, which will empower them to make informed decisions to help improve their safety and protect property. is easy to use and provides up to date information at the click of a computer mouse.  Users can go to, click on “Crime Reports Online” link on the home page.  The link will take the user to  Once entered into the user simply enters a location.  The location can be an address, city and state or zip code and click on the “Get Reports” to see what criminal activity has transpired in a given area on an easy-to-use map interface.  
The search radius is two (2) miles around the location entered.  The user clicks on the “+” to zoom in and “–’’ to zoom out on the map.  When the cursor is in the shape of a hand, the user can grab the map and move it around. uses symbols, such as “A” for Assaults, “S” for Sex Offenses and “H” for Homicides to identify the crime committed.  Clicking on the crime icon in the list or on the map will bring up a pop-up window with details about the crime.  The address is shown in a block range and not the specific address.

Users may search a specific date range by clicking the calendar button.  The interval may be changed from daily to weekly or monthly.  The “Crimes Type” button allows users to select which crimes to be displayed on the map. Analytic reports may be accessed by clicking on the Analytic button.  Three types of reports can be generated: number of crimes, crime as a percentage of total crimes and crime trends.  Crime information may be displayed by grid or graph.

Users may also search any and all jurisdictions participating in  Please take a moment and visit the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office website at and check out 

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