UPDATE Feb. 9: Mechanicsville Post Office Suffers Partial Collapse

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TBN checked with the United States Postal Service about what people who have PO Box mail delivery only in Mechanicsville can do to receive their mail. According to Patrick B. Murphy at USPS, "Minor roof repairs were completed overnight on the Mechanicsville Post Office. PO Box customers now have access to their mailboxes."

St. Mary’s County Government is working with local businesses that have realized damages to structures after this weekend’s winter storm. Citizens and businesses are urged to do a visual assessment of structures to look for roof damages, leaks and other structural damages that could lead to more serious issues such as roof or structure collapses.

The Mechanicsville Post Office (28948 Three Notch Road) did have a partial collapse to one side. The Land Use and Growth Management Department has conducted a damage assessment and the post office will be closed until further notice.

According to Karen Everett, St. Mary's County Public Information Officer, "To the best of my knowledge, no one was injured when the post office collapsed." She went on to indicate that St. Mary's County Land Use and Growth Management has damage assessment teams checking structures for potential collapse county-wide. Everett also indicated that the United States Post Office is doing its own damage assessment for the building.

If your business or home does have damages that raise concern, please contact Land Use and Growth Management at (301) 475-4200 ext. 1500 to make a report.

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