Governor's Office Recognizes Charles County's Crime Prevention Efforts

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The Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention recognized the Charles County Sheriff’s Office’s crime prevention efforts at its thirtieth annual awards ceremony Dec. 8. Dorothea Smith of Malcolm and Chick-fil-a of Waldorf also earned awards for their contributions to the Sheriff’s Office.

The Charles County Sheriff’s Office won a Category A award which recognizes agencies that provide personal-, residential- and commercial security programs; provide residential and commercial security surveys; provide recruit, in-service or specialized training in conducting security surveys; provide public information regarding crime prevention via newspaper articles and other means; and support the National Crime Prevention McGruff Campaign.

Chick-fil-A and Smith received Category C awards for community groups, organizations and individual citizens who make outstanding contributions to crime prevention efforts in their communities.

Smith, a resident of Malcom, is a leader in her neighborhood’s crime prevention efforts. She worked with the Sheriff’s Office to establish a Neighborhood Watch group and Citizens on Patrol, which have significantly improved the quality of life in Malcolm. She has organized Malcolm’s National Night Out festivities for many years, regularly attends Citizens Advisory Committee meetings and provides her neighbors with the important information she learns from the meetings.

Moreover, Smith is a mentor at a local school and volunteers as a chaperone for Project Graduation, the annual drug- and alcohol-free celebration for high school graduates.

“If ever you think one person can’t make a difference, Dorothea will prove you wrong,” said Sheriff Coffey. “She is a model citizen who gives back to her community in every way she can. If there were more Dorotheas in this world, we’d be a lot better for it.”

The Waldorf Chick-fil-a — located at 3365 Crain Highway — often contributes to the Sheriff’s Office’s community outreach efforts by offering coupons for free food. In addition to providing coupons for National Night Out, the restaurant also provided them to Charles County Public School students who donated to the Sheriff’s Office’s Fill Our Pantries food drive last year. Roberts and the Chick-fil-a cow mascot — played by Roberts’ niece — personally appeared at the food drive collections, which coincided with the year’s coldest days. Later in the year when Teen Court organized a clean-up at a local school, Chick-fil-A fed breakfast to the more than 100 volunteers.

“Chick-fil-a doesn’t just give us a few coupons, they get actively involved in our projects,” said Sheriff Coffey. “Anyone who thinks business is only about making money should look to Chick-fil-a as an example of how businesses can give back to their community in big ways.”

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