Reader's Letter: Global Warming's Over - Get Ready to Freeze

 There are several reasons to stop Maryland’s attempt to take more of your money and build a new department-level institution to enforce laws against nature also known as Senate Bill 309 and its companion House Bill 712 “Global Warming Solutions – Reductions in Greenhouse Gases”

 When the next global cooling era begins (and it will), those who now proclaim Global Warming will, within a decade or two, provide dire warnings of the impending Ice Age. They already began changing their vocabulary by using the buzz phrase “Climate Change.”

 A cooling trend will naturally occur, and the alarmists will sound the predictable alarms; just as many did during the last cooling period of the 1950’s – 1960’s.

 Besides temperature, popular views of Global Warming include “minor greenhouse” gases such as Carbon Dioxide and the levels emitted into the atmosphere. Most climate models assume that Carbon Dioxide will increase in concentration forever; a questionable assumption not based upon measured data.

 Who is willing to read the proposed legislation, just one book, and then let their own conclusions be known to the state legislatures? A list of the legislatures may be found at:

 An earlier letter raising concerns about this potential legislation resulted in the expected responses. Clearly, some individuals decided to take the easy route by expressing an uninformed opinion rather than studying both the legislation and just one suggested text book.

 How does one know what data source is credible? Look more closely at the science used by those who crafted the proposed legislation. Compare that look with views of those less informed. The result yields specific flaws with the foundational Global Warming argument.

 Hopefully, one such individual who responded is not an attorney. That individual found the arguments favoring Man Made Global Warming so persuasive it was difficult to believe there are people burying their heads in the sand and denying it. Expressing such a closed-minded view to not even review countering evidence would have left a defendant questioning the veracity of such an individual defending them in a case.

 Another individual even suggested consulting “a free online source called - it is a community based online encyclopedia that sites [cites] many sources on this subject matter.” Wikipedia is today’s version of yesterday’s encyclopedia. While everything in Wikipedia must be attributable, in practice, not all material is attributed. Years ago the encyclopedia was never accepted by reputable teachers and professors as a reference source.

 Wikipedia should not be a Primary Source of information due to its lack of credibility. Nonetheless, looking at that type of information reveals several commonly used charts discussed within the book “Meltdown: The Predictable Distortion of Global Warming by Scientists, Politicians, and the Media”, by Patrick J. Michaels, Cato Institute, Washington, DC. 2004, second printing 2007.

 One such chart speaks to the global temperature risin

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