Emotional Hogan Extends Maryland Guard Deployment To DC

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ANNAPOLIS, Md. -- An emotional Maryland Governor Larry Hogan spoke out against what he called "a heinous and violent assault" at the Capitol and announced he was extending the deployment of the Maryland National Guard to Washington, D.C. through the end of January. Hogan's voice broke several times during the Thursday afternoon press conference as he described the chaos in Washington. 

Hogan said he was in the middle of a call with the Japanese ambassador when he was informed of the breach at the Capitol and immediately convened an emergency meeting that included the heads of the Maryland State Police and the National Guard. He dispatched 200 especially trained troopers to the city and sought permission to send the Maryland National Guard.

The Governor said Congressman Steny Hoyer contacted him to request assistance and he told him the troopers were already on the way. 

Hogan said it took about an hour and half before he secured permission to deploy the Maryland National Guard. "They were the first to arrive from out of state. This assault on our democracy cannot stand. The state of Maryland will do anything and everything they possibly can to secure the core of our capital and ensure the peaceful transition of power."

The Governor said the Maryland National Guard would continue to assist DC and Capitol Police during the inauguration and through the end of January.  He criticized President Trump's reaction to the crisis. "It was an attack on the rule of law. The foundations of self government and who we are as Americans. The mob may have shattered glass. They did not and they will not shatter our democracy."

The governor shared images of his visit with guard members at the D.C. Armory earlier in the day on social media.

He said leaders had a choice moving forward. "Each of us, especially those of us who hold elected office, have a choice to make. We can show those who feel forgotten that we can actually deliver solutions  to the serious problems that face us or we can continue or perpetuate toxic politics, rabid tribalism, and hatred.  We can face the truth or be destroyed by lies. I could never fathom a day like yesterday. But I will not stand for it and neither should any American."

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