Crash Victim Remembered As 'Real Life Mary Poppins'

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CHESAPEAKE BEACH, Md. - The woman killed in an Owings car crash is remembered by a close friend as an extraordinary person. "She was Mary Poppins, and she was an angel on earth." 

Kerri Lyn Clark was traveling on Maryland Rt. 260 back on December 23 when law enforcement says a vehicle driven by Christopher Fuller struck her vehicle pushing it into another car. Clark, 50, died from injuries sustained in the crash.

Fuller was arrested on multiple charges including vehicular manslaughter, leaving the scene of an accident, and operating a vehicle without a license.

Clark will be laid to rest in her home state of Illinois on Wednesday but she will never be far from the minds of her close friends in Maryland.

Dr. Gail Anderson said she first met Clark almost 30 years ago. "She was a friend of one of the nannies who worked for us.  The story was there was a group of girls from a small farming community in Southern Illinois (Centralia) that had decided they didn't want to be farmer's wives in the same place they grew up and they were drawn to the big city lights of NY.  They found jobs as nannies in the NY City area."

Anderson said that when her nanny left, she hired Clark to replace her. A relationship that would last for decades. "She stayed as the nanny to my children for the next 23 years." Clark followed Dr. Anderson to Maryland to continue to care for her family. 

Dr. Anderson said that after moving to Maryland, she encountered tough personal times starting a practice and going through a divorce. "Just to give you a small glimpse into the type of selfless person she was - she worked without pay for 6 months. I was in tears as I told Kerri that I had no money to pay the mortgage, much less anything else and she reassured me that we would make it through.  She skimped at the grocery store, and even did the laundry at a laundromat when our washing machine broke and I couldn't afford to buy another one right away.  She was "used to being poor" as she put it, and knew how to stretch what little money we had.  Thankfully, as a physician, money started to come in from the patients I was seeing, and I was able to pay her the back wages, and pay off the loan I had taken to start the practice.  I had many angels during that time helping me, but Kerri was the best and most important of them all."

When Dr. Anderson's children were grown, Clark went to work in the office of her medical practice. "She raised my children and she did it with knowledge, compassion, courage, a strong moral code, fun and love.  She is the second mother to my children and I often referred to them as 'our kids'.  She allowed me to become the physician that I am today.  There is no value to put on that - it is priceless.  She eased my stress of trying to care for my children, and also care for my patients, and ultimately, she made it possible for me to be a single parent after the divorce."

Dr. Anderson said she and her family will follow Christopher Fuller's case closely, but that it's impossible for justice to be served. "There is no justice to be served, because Kerri will not be coming back to us.  The only "justice" that I am looking for is to make sure that Mr. Fuller is never able to cause this type of pain to someone else.  I hope that he never gets a driver's license again, for as long as he lives. He should do jail time and I hope that during that incarceration that he is able to overcome whatever illness he has that results in the poor judgment of driving a vehicle while under the influence of drugs/alcohol.  But even if he is able to overcome his addiction, I don't want to ever see him driving again. That should be his lifelong penance."

She says Kerri's friends and fellow employees will attended his trial if COVID-19 rules permit. Fuller is currently held without bond in Calvert County. His trial is scheduled for April. 

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