Capitol Police Officer Dies From Riot Injuries

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- United States Capitol Police Officer Brian D. Sicknick died last night due to injuries sustained on-duty.

The Capitol Police said he passed away at 9:30 pm on January 7.

Sicknick was injured while physically engaging with protestors. He returned to his office and later collapsed and died. Officials said he death of Officer Sicknick will be investigated by the Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide Branch, the USCP, and federal law enforcement. 

Officer Sicknick joined the USCP in July 2008, and most recently served in the Department’s First Responder’s Unit.

The St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office issued a statement on Sicknick's death, "Sheriff Cameron and the men and women of the St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office offer our condolences to Officer Sicknick's family, friends, and the U.S. Capitol Police during this time of mourning."

Sicknick is one of 5 people killed during the breach of the Capitol. Ashli E. Babbitt, a 35-year-old Airforce veteran was shot by police. Three others people died from medical emergencies.




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