Twelve Third District residents vie for school board seat

Prince Frederick, MD - Individuals from the field of local politics and education have applied for a vacancy on the Calvert County Board of Education. A vacancy on the panel was created when Third Election District Board Member Kelly McConkey was elected county commissioner in November and subsequently resigned from the school board. Under county law, the Calvert Board of County Commissioners will appoint someone to fill the unexpired term.

The applicants are Virginia A. Anderson, Inez N. Claggett, Joseph J. Cormier, Joyce B. Eason, Oscar G. Feaster Jr., Gary G. Graff, Merry-Ellen McGown, Shawna McQuate, Michelle “Shelley” Miller, Ricardo L. Piereck, Duwane P. Rager and Philip D. Weiner.

Graff and McGown are retired teachers. Weiner is a teacher at The Calverton School. Cormier was Windy Hill Elementary School’s 2018 Volunteer of the Year. Rager ran for county commissioner in 2018, losing in the Democratic Primary. Claggett is the vice president of Calvert County Concerned Black Women and the chair of the county’s Board of Parks and Recreation. McQuate made news in 2018 when she led a drive to petition the Maryland Department of Transportation to make the Route 2/Clyde Jones Road intersection near Sunderland Elementary School safer.

McConkey told that the commissioners will interview each applicant and deliberate in closed session before voting on an appointee in an open session. The current timeline calls for the appointment to be made in late January.

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