Schools offer meal credit increase for families affected by shutdown

LA PLATA, Md. - The Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) Food and Nutrition Services Department has increased the amount of meal credits students can use on their school accounts. The temporary increase was approved by staff to help families affected by the recent closing of most federal government agencies. Parents are still responsible for paying any negative meal account balances for their child, including any meal credit provided.

The increase is effective as of Jan. 4 and will remain in place for 30 days after the federal government reopens. The following is the temporary meal increase limits for students.

  • Elementary school students - $55 (standard limit is $25)
  • Middle school students - $45 (standard limit is $15)
  • High school students - $40 (standard limit is $10)

Parents of students with any negative meal account balances will still receive automated phone calls once the standard limits are reached. The $30 increase per level is set to provide students with about two weeks of meal credits for purchases.

Although the increase allows students to have additional time to receive regular meals at school, parents are still responsible for paying any negative meal account balances. Credits are given only for students who attempt to purchase meals and have no money on their account. Once a student uses all of the credit, they will receive an alternate main entrée per Superintendent’s Rule 3842. The Rule outlines how the school system manages unpaid meal balances. Payment of the account includes the credit given by the school system.

Contact the Food and Nutrition Services Department at 301-392-5570 or your child’s principal with questions about alternate meals and unpaid meal balances. Parents can sign up for My Payments Plus, the online system CCPS offers for parents to add money to their child’s meal account, at

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