Tips to eat healthy and lose weight

Lately, many people stop and tell me they want to eat healthy but do not know where to start. They know that their diet is bringing them problems (they are getting worse every time, they gain weight, they get tired, they have difficulty breathing, they have difficulty climbing a hill, they sleep at intervals.) and they need a change, but they do not know how to do it .

With this post I try to help all those people who are aware that they need improvement, and who are prepared and willing to do it but do not know what the path is. Also, for all those who want to eat a little better and gain health. And above all for those who want to lose some weight.

There are two fundamental pillars to improve your lifestyle and gain health. Food and physical activity let's start there.

Eat Healthy To Lose Weight


Let's go by parts. The first meal of the day, which is not the most important, is usually the worst one we do. So, eliminate from your breakfast all kinds of sweets, pastries (including cookies, ALL), juices, refined cereals, white bread, pancakes and sausages. What do you have left? Whole fruits, vegetables, whole grains, muesli, dairy, whole meal bread, coffee and infusions.

Vegetables In Each Main Dish

Start your meals and dinners with a good plate of vegetables. It can be from a salad to a barbecue. Think about it, you have a thousand options: Roasted Peppers Salad, salads, grilled, sauteed, boiled, steamed, grilled, cream, soup, purees. It is a way to calm your anxiety, you sacs at lunchtime and dinner and contributions to your diet a good cocktail of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Eating Fish

The trainers and the best dietitians suggest to eat fish to lose weight. Fish have very low fat and gives enough power to live healthier. 

Abandon The Snacking

The easiest way to not peck is to buy nothing to peck at. Stop buying all those superfluous products with which you peck between hours (sticks, snacks, chips) and if you get bitten by the bug, peel a carrot, a cucumber or a celery and make it into strips. To avoid buying all those unhealthy products, go shopping with a full stomach and the shopping list previously made, you will see how much easier it is for you.

Plate Your Ration

At lunchtime (or dinner) serve your ration on your plate and leave the source in the kitchen or away from the table, especially when you have guests. It seems very silly but it will prevent you from repeating and eating double ration.

Your Method: The Dish

A balanced way of eating and in addition to controlling what you eat (especially for those who want to lose a few pounds) is to eat in a single dish. It is about making a unique dish where you cannot add anything that does not fit in that dish (so you will not eat too much) and that you must meet some requirements: half of the dish should be vegetables, a quarter cereals, preferably whole (bread, wholegrain rice, pasta, or other cereals such as quinoa, buckwheat, millet) and the remaining fourth protein (vegetable: legumes, tofu, animal: meat, fish or eggs).

The Fruit Bowl Always Full

Keep your fruit bowl full, preferably with seasonal fruits. Now we have great variety of seasonal fruits: apricot, cherries, plum, strawberry, apple, peach, orange, medlar, pear, pineapple, banana. A fruit bowl well stocked with the fruits of each season is a very healthy response to the temptation to eat between hours.

Leftovers, To The Fridge

Many people have the habit of eating all the leftovers, excess or what their children or partner leave. If there are leftovers of food, or you have made extra food, put it in the refrigerator. You'll eat it the next day, and that saves you!

Physical Activities To Lose Weight

Always Have An Ally

In your moments of weakness in which you see that you are going to fall into some unhealthy temptation, you must look for an ally, be it something or someone. Call a family member or friend, tell them you're in a weak moment or just tell them how the day is, the question is to distract yourself and take your mind off that sweet that goes around. If you are more introverted, distract yourself with a hobby, go for a run, put on your favorite series or start reading. Go for a walk, or take your dog for a walk. The goal: to have the mind occupied in something other than food.

Chew For 15 Minutes

15 minutes is the approximate time it takes to get the feeling of fullness. Try to eat slowly and relaxed, without obsessing but chewing the food until it is a porridge.

Doing Physical Activity

Complementing a good diet with daily physical activity is essential to lead a healthy lifestyle, improve health and finish losing those pounds that are reluctant to go. With only 30 minutes a day of physical activity: going for a walk, walking or running, going skating, playing sports or going to the gym, you will have enough to improve your quality of life.
Other options that you have is to leave the sedentary lifestyle aside: take the car less, do not use the elevator, go down a stop before your destination when you go in public transport.


Following these tips and applying them as a habit and not as a passenger, I am sure that you will reach your ideal weight, you will find yourself better and you will gain health. But, try it and you tell me in comments or email me at For more health & food articles you can visit my blog at

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