Sunshine is found! Former race dog was lost in freezing temps

Pictures courtesy of the Find GEGR Sunshine Facebook page

Lusby, MD—“If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm,” Frank Lane famously said, but who could have guessed this phrase would come into fruition in the form of a retired racing dog? Sunshine, a gorgeous two-year-old brindle greyhound, raced a few times in West Virginia before being sent to Greyt Expectations Greyhound Rescue, Inc. (GEGR) to be rehomed at the end of her career. Sunshine was placed in a foster home on Dec. 15. Unfortunately, her initial time being with her foster family was even more short-lived than her racing career was. Amidst family members coming in and out of the house on Christmas day, Sunshine seized the opportunity to bolt out the front door. The 15-day search to follow proved that with determination, fervor, and the help of a tremendous community in freezing temperatures, a Christmas miracle can happen even in the new year.

GEGR treasurer Lisa Parran notes that when she received the call about Sunshine’s escape, she and many volunteers immediately started the search, putting their holiday celebrations on hold. Parran says that they saturated the area with flyers, went door-to-door, and canvassed the entire neighborhood looking for her. A Facebook group was started in an effort to locate Sunshine, and quickly amassed a following of over 800 people. Soon the volunteers became not only GEGR members, but regular people from the community as well. In three degree temperatures, people searched for Sunshine and spread the word, some not even dog-owners, just concerned citizens looking to help. Parran stated that there was an outpouring of community support.

Several sightings were reported, and GEGR solicited the help of a professional dog tracker to map out Sunshine’s location. Sam and her trusty golden retriever Brie from Pure Gold Pet Trackers have helped GEGR in the past, and their services showed that Sunshine was staying within a few mile radius. One volunteer’s security cameras showed Sunshine in his backyard on several occasions, and repeat sightings in other yards led to volunteers putting out food and water. Despite the frigid weather and the snowstorm, volunteers diligently searched, and made sure that the water they placed for her did not freeze.

Volunteers placed a live trap in the yard she frequently visited for Sunshine to get used to its presence. After she was seen going in and out of the trap without fear, it was actually set, and within twenty minutes—Sunshine was captured!

“She’s a pretty remarkable dog,” Parran said. Having survived dangerous weather conditions and being on the road, Sunshine persevered, and was taken in on Jan. 9. The 15-day search had finally ended. Sunshine is in miraculously good condition, with a clean bill of health from the vet upon her return. Only a few scratches depict her harrowing journey. Since then, Sunshine has found her forever home with her foster family that decided to adopt her.

Sunshine became quite the celebrity in Calvert County. The industrious efforts to find her brought the local community together in a truly amazing way.

GEGR is based out of Parran’s home in Calvert County. The group was incorporated in 2002 and has placed around 1,200 dogs in homes.

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