Substitute Teacher Found Guilty of Child Sexual Abuse


UPDATE: La Plata, MD - Tony Covington, State’s Attorney for Charles County, announced that on Thursday, November 21, 2019, after four days of trial, a Charles County jury convicted Keith Allan Krikstan, 32 of Waldorf, of Sexual Abuse of a Minor, Production of Child Pornography, and Visual Surveillance of a Private Area.

In January of 2018, detectives with the Charles County Sheriff’s Office discovered an inappropriate video of the victim during an investigation of Krikstan and his involvement with another juvenile. Communications with the victim and her mother revealed that Krikstan babysat the victim and her sibling on numerous occasions at their residence. Krikstan also worked as a substitute teacher at the victim’s school.  

A further investigation revealed that Krikstan initially became acquainted with the victim through her mother’s place of employment in January of 2017. He later babysat the then 12-year-old victim at her residence. In June of 2017, Krikstan secretly set up a recording device in the victim’s bathroom and recorded the victim with no clothes on, unbeknownst to the victim. In November of 2017, Krikstan entered the victim’s bedroom with the victim and used his cell phone to record her simulating oral sex on a banana. Krikstan coached the victim on what to do while recording.

Downloads from Krikstan’s cellular device revealed the video simulation of oral sex. Downloads from two of Krikstan’s computer devices revealed inappropriate images of the victim captured in her bathroom.

During the course of the investigation, Krikstan admitted to the victim’s mother that he had inappropriate feelings for the victim.

On April 16, 2019, Krikstan was found guilty of Sexual Abuse of a Minor for the initial juvenile victim. A sentencing date for both cases has been scheduled for January 14, 2020.

La Plata, MD - Charles County Sheriff’s detectives arrested Keith Allan Krikstan, 30, of Waldorf, in connection with child pornography, displaying sexually explicit materials to a minor, and sexual abuse of a minor after officers received information he was having inappropriate contact with an adolescent girl.

On Jan. 11, several students at John Hanson Middle School reported to a Charles County Sheriff’s school resource officer that they were aware of a substitute teacher who was having inappropriate communication with another student. Officers learned Krikstan had obtained a cell phone number of a female student in December 2017 and began texting her. Soon after, they kept in contact via FaceTime and social media. Evidence showed Krikstan convinced the girl to send explicit photos to him and he sent some to her. Krikstan was immediately removed from the school and detectives served a search warrant, during which they recovered cell phones and computers. Forensic analysis will be conducted on the devices.

Parents are encouraged to talk with their children about this situation and if they report anything inappropriate about Krikstan to contact Det. E. Webster at 301-609-6558.

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