Opinion - Unintended consequences of opioid crisis

Hollywood, MD - Having recently reported out in a presentation delivered to the St. Mary's County Commissioners on the Opioid epidemic I felt it necessary to add a personal view about unintended consequences.

Our goal should be to provide the infrastructure to guide and help those who are addicted to pain medication, provide resources for mental health support agencies and a host of other actions that the county health department is implementing 

One outcome we must avoid, would to cause a reluctance of the prescribers of pain management medication to hold back prescribing certain opioids where the medication was clearly needed for the patient to be as pain free as possible and have a functioning quality of life.

The medical community is keenly aware of the situation and is often the primary portal (the emergency room) for early identification interface and notification of addiction. Support professionals and the law enforcement community well understand the insidious effect opioid addiction has on the addict and their families.

As the battle wages let us not throw out the baby with the bathwater. Provide support for those caught up in the web of addiction and provide pain patients with medication to make their lives as livable pain free as possible.

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