OPINION - Bill aims to give citizens oversight of library

Lexington Park, MD - Of the 36 boards in St. Mary's County, our elected County Commissioner's have direct oversight over all but one: the library board. Simply put, HB136 seeks to hold the library board of Trustees accountable to the citizens who pay for the library, including librarian salaries. Why, then, would the library be against this and what are they trying to hide from you?

Last year, the public library invited a DC activist to teach a sex class for children only at our library. This community agitator was not vetted by any educational system. When concerned citizens protested, a group of secular humanists-sponsored the class and insisted on “teaching” it to children at the public library: an indoctrination of lewd sexual practices that could not be printed on The library sex class targeted children as young as 12 years old and, with the help of police, barred parents from entering the class.

Why did a children’s program in a public library prohibit adults from hearing what the “instructor” was teaching the kids? Who is behind this agenda? Christians and non-Christians alike agree that protecting children from sexual predators is decent, moral and necessary. While Secular Humanists accuse Christians of having a “subversive agenda,” they also proposed discriminating against anyone with a political opinion from being on the public library board of trustees. That inane assertion invalidates anyone who votes in this county. They also proposed discriminating against anyone who holds a religious point of view from serving on the board. That’s illegal!

Governments have every right and duty to ensure boards comply with the law. Maryland law allows libraries for the use and benefit of the public, not for the harm of the public. Oversight seeks to ensure these boards comply with the law. Without this direct oversight, St. Mary's County Library Board members can do as they please with taxpayer money as evidenced by their “banned books” display for teens last year which included such salacious material that it could not be printed in The library board of trustees is currently out of the control of the St. Mary's County taxpaying citizens. This is a problem that must be fixed. House Bill 136 aims to do just that.

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