McDonald's wants to implement 'green' packaging by 2025


Oak Brook, IL - McDonald's recently announced that the corporation plans to have all of its food packaging made from recycled materials by 2020. To meet this ambitious green goal, the company is seeking sources with certifications from the Forest Stewardship Council.

Along with this promise of recycled material packaging, the restaurant chain is also planning to have recycling available for all guest packaging by 2025. With these goals, McDonald's believes that all of its restaurants will fully recycle within the next seven years.

According to McDonald's, the restaurant chain will be working with multiple groups to reach these goals. These groups will include governments, environmental associations, and industry experts. Currently, the company claims that 50 percent of customer packaging meets the standards they're working towards. Additionally, 64 percent of fiber-based products come from recycled or certified sources and about 10 percent of its locations worldwide recycle already.

This effort to switch to recycled and certified sources for its packaging is considered part of the company's effort to improve its environmental image among customers. As a fast-food restaurant, customers have expressed health concerns with the company's iconic food products over the past few years. But it looks like the company is listening, as it's been making changes to its menu items as well.

This announcement is certainly attracting attention from people all around the world. And in today's crowded marketplace, companies are doing everything they can to attract and please their young, eco-conscious customers. As such, McDonald's took to social media to tout its new green initiative.

The company tweeted, "We are stepping up and using our #ScaleforGood. By 2025 our goals are to recycle guest packaging at all McDonald’s restaurants, recognizing infrastructure challenges, and that 100 percent of guest packaging will come from renewable, recycled or certified sources."

By 2021, companies like McDonald's will spend more than $330 billion on digital advertising, and many of these advertisements will focus on sustainability efforts like #ScaleforGood.

The 2016 West Rock Consumer Insights Study found that 45 percent of customers have chosen to purchase a product due to its environmentally friendly packaging, and McDonald's is just one of the many companies making the switch.

“Our customers have told us that packaging waste is the top environmental issue they would like us to address,” Francesca DeBiase, McDonald’s Chief Supply Chain and Sustainability Officer, said. “Our ambition is to make changes our customers want and to use less packaging, sourced responsibly and designed to be taken care of after use, working at and beyond our restaurants to increase recycling and help create cleaner communities.”

McDonald's first focused on sustainable packaging almost 25 years ago by creating a connection with the Environmental Defense Fund. Due to that partnership, more than 300 million pounds of packaging was eliminated.

This action resulted in a 30% waste reduction in the following decade. And just three years ago, McDonald's started working with the World Wildlife Fund's Global Forest and Trade Network to initiate fiber sourcing targets.

With 37,000 locations around the world, this effort to reduce waste and increase recycling could have a significant impact on the environment.

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