Private security in an unsafe world

Prince Frederick, MD - Unfortunately, Maryland residents are reading more and stories on related to violence and theft. Reports of violence and theft in the workplace, airports, malls, in our schools, banks, and homes are on the rise each year.

Schools are back in session and parents can no longer send their children to school without concern for their physical safety. Couples often think twice about venturing out to a neighborhood local theater. Airports that are often used for leisure travel have become a place fear and tension.

A need to address this problem is evident and pressing. One logical solution is to hire a reliable and respectable private security agency. Why private security instead of the police? Local police are not the only option to providing security and often do little more than file a report. Police departments are limited in their resources, and often devote most of their time to investigating the crimes higher in priority rather than personal matters like infidelity, missing persons, or child safety.

Not only do private security agencies provide on-site armed or unarmed security, many can also provide awareness workshops and security consulting to help business owners reduce their risk factors.

Private security agencies also have fewer restrictions imposed by the U.S. Constitution than police officers. Unlike police, a private investigator can hold licenses in multiple states and can even investigate cases internationally. In addition, private investigators are not limited to county jurisdictions in the state.

Jamie M. Spaulding, president and owner of Spaulding Security & Investigations, LLC located in Prince Frederick said, “Private investigations and security work is more pro-active instead of reactive. My team of trained professionals conduct undercover surveillance operations, collect video/photographic evidence for pending trials, conduct thorough background investigations, use GPS tracking, and write professional reports on the results.”

Spaulding Security & Investigations, LLC is a local private detective and security guard agency that has been in business since 2014. Spaulding holds an active membership in ASIS International and was recently elected as Secretary for the Maryland Investigators and Security Association (MISA). “We have close contacts the Maryland State Police Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Secret Service, as well as, county, and city law enforcement agencies.”

Employee and client safety depend on pro-active security and investigative measures to make crime more difficult and reduce being an easy target for criminals. A private security firm will have the technological knowledge to set your business up with non-human deterrents like security cameras and alarm systems. When security cameras, security guards, and surveillance devices are put in place, they act as a deterrent to crime.

Spaulding Security & Investigations, LLC using the latest technology and equipment for their investigative work. “We use state-of-the-art video cameras, bug sweeping devices, GPS tracking, and we will have drone surveillance soon,” said Spaulding.

“We offer competitive rates for a variety of services for our clients such as infidelity investigations, missing persons, child safety, loss prevention, background investigations, interviews/interrogations, and undercover operations,” Spaulding said.
A private security firm does more than just provide a highly-trained officer for the security site. Part of the security company’s role is to not only assess risk but to train employees in the event of active shooting scenarios.

Everything shared with a private investigator remains 100 percent confidential. “Not even the police have access to our investigations. When someone hires us for a job, we devote a significant amount of time and resources to their case. We get paid to produce results”, said Spaulding.

Contact Spaulding Security & Investigations, LLC today and find out how they can best serve and protect your assets in 2017.

“Unlike the local police, our agency’s existence is dependent upon our reputation and success, and so far, we have built an excellent name for ourselves”, said Spaulding.
Spaulding Security & Investigations, LLC is located at 136 W. Dares Beach Road #301, Prince Frederick, MD 20678. Call or text today: 410-570-0626. Email:

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