Man seriously injured in pit bull attack

Indian Head, MD -
An unidentified male was attacked by a pit bull Monday afternoon, Jan. 16 at a Charles County junkyard, police reported. According to Charles County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Diane Richardson, the incident occurred on Raymond Avenue in Indian Head. Police responded to the area after being notified of an attack in progress.

“The dog was fully engaged in biting the man when officers arrived,” Richardson told The The animal had the man’s leg and police and bystanders attempted to get the dog to let go. After using a pole with no success, an officer tasered the animal however, “it was still very aggressive,” said Richardson. “One of the officers had to discharge his weapon. It was a very dangerous situation.”

The shot killed the dog. Investigators indicated the dog’s bite was so severe it penetrated the man’s leg-bone. The victim was transported to a nearby hospital where his condition is unknown.

Richardson reported the attack occurred after the dog was let out of its confinement area to get water. The unsuspecting victim was at the yard to pick up a vehicle.

At this time it is not known if the animal was rabid.

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