Letter: Standing Together in Opposition of Acts of Hatred and Discord

An Open Letter: Standing Together in Opposition to Acts of Hatred and Discord
  Calvert County, MD

The undersigned coalition of Calvert County organizations and citizens are appalled and deeply saddened that an individual/individuals have attempted to breed hatred and discord among members of this community.

The recent discovery of five (5) tied hangman nooses at the Dominion Cove Point facility, the discovery of a swastika and the emblem “KKK” in Calvert County facilities, reflect a bygone era of segregation, intimidation, and alienation. This repugnant repetition of history is not welcomed, will not be tolerated and certainly will not be ignored by the silence of the evolving, multi-cultural community of Calvert County.
Let us remind ourselves of the most profound document ever written in world history – The Declaration of Independence.

This most precious document clearly states:
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Standing together in support of the Calvert County NAACP, we strongly proclaim that those responsible for these hateful acts will not deny our freedoms, rights and protections by perpetrating these baseless injustices that are outside of civility and our community norms.

The undersigned feel compelled to address this to the broader community because in America “Justice denied to some is justice denied to all.”
With one-voice we stand in unity condemning these shameful, inhuman acts on the dignity of our community.

Alecia Walker, Co-Executive Director, The Education Equity Project (TEEP)
Alfred Jefferson, Signee
Anjelica Eitel, United Way of Calvert County
Anthony Navarro, Calvert County Public Schools
Bea Brown, Delta Sigma Theta
Bryant O. Parker, Calvert County Minority Business Alliance
Carol Porto, The Carol M. Porto Treatment Center
Carrie Plymire, Calvert Library
Christina Buck, Signee
Dale Morsell, Signee
Daniel D. Curry, Calvert County Schools
Darlene Harrod, Signee
Dawn Balinski, Signee
Dawn Tucker, Signee
Deborah Shupe, Signee
Dia Brown, #OurCommonCalvert
Dr. Derek Sabedra, Citizen’s Advisory Committee for Board of Education
Dusty Rhoades, Patuxent Friends Meeting
Emily E. Mudd, Signee
Eric Eitel, Signee
Gladys L. Jones, Signee
Glenda Fields, Closing the Gap Coalition
Greg Brown, Calvert County Democratic Central Committee
Guffrie M. Smith, Jr., Calvert Collaborative for Children and Youth
Inez N. Claggett, Signee
Iris Perry, United Methodist Women
James E. Swecker, Trinity United Methodist Church, Prince Frederick, MD
Jeffrey Lewis, Board of Library Trustees
Jennifer Moreland, Signee
Jennifer Warnack, Tri-County Youth Services
Joyce L. Freeland, Calvert County Branch of NAACP
Keanya Clifton-Roach, Co-Executive Director, The Education Equity Project (TEEP)
Kenneth Simpson, Y.E.S. Ministry
Lauretta W. Grier, Closing the Gap Coalition
Lelia (Lee) M. Reed, Closing the Gap Coalition
Lori Pellock, Signee
M. Agnes Parker-Jefferson, Signee
Mandy Knecht, Signee
Margo Gross, The Remnant of Hope Int’l Church
Martha Grahame, Calvert Library/All Saints Episcopal Church
Melissa Bridegum, Signee
Miguel Mercado, Signee
Nancy Highsmith, Signee
Nancy M. Gould, Congregation Sha’are Shalom, Waldorf, MD
Nicole Cooksey, President Concerned Black Women of Calvert County
Pat Kinzer, Signee
Pat Pease, Broadview Baptist
Public Services Librarian, The Calvert Library
Rabbi Arnold, Saltzman Beit Chaverim of Calvert County
Randi Parker, Signee
Rashieda D. Gantt, Closing the Gap Coalition
Rebecca McConkey, #OurCommonCalvert
Rev. Dana M. Jones, Pastor Mt. Olive United Methodist Church
Rev. Dottie Yunger, Solomons United Methodist Church
Rev. Jennifer Wilder, Pastor Broadview Church/Co-President Calvert Interfaith Council/ #OurCommonCalvert
Rev. Kenneth O. Phelps, Jr., All Saints Episcopal Church/TRUST
Rev. Matthew Tate, Co-President Calvert Interfaith Council
Rev. Robert P. Hahn, Signee
Rev. Wm. Patton, Calvert Lighthouse Church
Rhonda Thomas, LEAP Forward Inc.
Richard Sanchez, Calvert County Public School Citizens Advisory Committee
Rick Salen, President, Congregation Beit Chaverim Congregation of Calvert County
Sandra Smith, Signee
Shannon Stander, Signee
Sheri L. Tardio, Community Mediation Center of Calvert (CMCC)
Terrie Ballenger-Wilson, Young  Professionals Network of Calvert
Tess J. Smith, Signee
The Rev. Margaret VanAuker, All Saints Episcopal Church
Tia Myers, Closing the Gap Coalition
Timothy Knecht, Signee
Timothy Morsell, Signee
Vicki Rhoades, Patuxent Friends Meeting
William E. Wiggins, Remnant Center of Excellence
Wilson Parran, Board of Library Trustees

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