Quadrantids meteor shower rings in the new year

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The New Year unfolds with fireworks that – really! – are from out of this world. Quadrantid meteors sprinkle shooting stars across the night sky from late Sunday evening into dark side of Monday morning.

For the 2016 edition of the Quadrantids (pronounced KWAD-ran-tids), the official peak is expected Monday (Jan. 4) at about 3 a.m., Eastern Time, with about 80 to 120 meteors per hour, according to the International Meteor Organization. If you’re lucky and patient, maybe you’ll catch a handful in the light-polluted urban and suburban areas. A last quarter moon creates favorable conditions for North American sky gazers to catch shooting stars, says the organization.

Webcaster will have a live show on Sunday starting at 8 p.m., which they will broadcast by using their telescopes on the Canary Islands and other global locations. Astronomers Bob Berman and Paul Cox will serve up the play-by-play and cosmic color analysis.

Catch these falling stars by stepping outside, finding any dark location or turn off the outside lights and look up at the glorious heavens. Hopefully, the weather cooperates, offering cloud-free skies.


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