A praise tour presented by Joanna Birchett

Lexington Park, MD-- Saturday, January 16th, a praise tour was held at Dominion Apostolic Ministries in Lexington Park. What Joanna Birchett and Pastor Michael Barber, among others, were trying to express was a movement about defeat.

Birchett wanted to say “Defeat is not an option.” She went on to say that we’re all sinners, we all make mistakes. That does not mean we cannot be saved or change our ways. God has a plan for all of us and is constantly planning. Losing shouldn’t deter us from giving up and the word defeat should be taken out of our vocabulary. It’s negative and rarely permanent.

Sometimes you have to lose to win, it’s the battle against the war. That’s what this movement embodies. “You can’t have a testimony without a test. Have patience, pass the test,” Pastor Barber and his wife suggested.

Attendees received a message that the key is to be connected to victorious people, your surroundings will dictate how high you can go, and these people fuel you and inspire you.

The purpose of this movement is to make people aspire to be better, live lives of excellence, help out one another and show unconditional love.

To find out more information about this 12 city tour or getting involved, e-mail

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