Loretta's Country Sausage and meat carries on county tradition

Charlotte Hall, MD - The cars have been coming steadily, consistently.

On Saturday, Jan. 2, at least 55 vehicles had to be turned away as Loretta’s Country Sausage and Meats hasn’t opened yet. A few last second technical glitches postponed the opening of the new Charlotte Hall store until Thursday, Jan. 8, but longtime customers of Wood’s Produce, which closed its doors in December 2013, are chomping at the bit.

Brothers Wayne and Mike Graves saw potential customers from as far away as Bowie and Virginia on Saturday and are anxious to begin serving the many array of products, including Kuntzler Bacon, rind-on bacon, pepper bacon, ham hocks, turkey necks, old country ham, smoked sausage and scrapple, along with the country sausage for which folks have come far and wide.

“It’s been that way since the day we started,” Wayne noted.

“We’ve been working since the summer,” Mike Graves said. He lamented that the ongoing permit process has taken longer than they had hoped.

“It seems like we can’t get open. We missed all the good time,” he added, noting that Thanksgiving and Christmas are the busiest seasons.

Mike added that the new store, located next to Lighthouse Liquors, will carry all the products Wood’s Produce carried plus “a few extra items.

“Around the holidays, everyone wants stuffed ham, so we intend to carry stuffed ham,” he said.

Wayne pointed out that in addition, the new business will offer corned hams for those who prefer to stuff their own.

They plan to offer produce from farmer’s markets and Chorizo sausages, local honey and McCutcheon’s products. Mike said they hope to offer steaks and local meats eventually, but added, “we’ll see how it goes.”

Loretta is Wayne and Mike's sister. She said she will not be involved in the business. When asked how many employees they would have, Mike said, “just us and two part-time employees.”

Their step-brother, Tommy Copsey, did the lettering on the store's doors and windows, Mike said.

"He never had a lesson in his life, just naturally could draw," he said,

They hope to have permits and last-minute kinks worked out in time for opening on Thursday.

“I hope so,” Wayne said. “My last day at work is Tuesday.”

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