Underage Alcohol Sting: Two Establishments Fail to Comply

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On Saturday, Jan. 8, St. Mary's County Deputies along with an underage confidential informant conducted an Underage Controlled Buy Operation southern portion of St. Mary's County.

Attempts to make purchases of alcoholic beverages were made at 16 establishments with two attempts resulting in sales of an alcoholic beverage to a person under 21.

The establishments that failed the operation and made sales of an alcoholic beverage to the underage informant were: 
California Wine & Spirits and St. James Deli & Spirits.

The establishments where the sales were made will be brought before the Alcohol Board for St. Mary's County.  The employees that made the sales were issued a civil citation for furnishing an alcoholic beverage to a person known to be under 21.

The establishments that successfully passed the operation and did not make sales to the under age informant were: 
Wildewood Wine and Spirits, Early Bird, Jughead Liquors, Blue Wind, HV Liquors, Pegg Road Shell, Great Mills Wine & Spirits, International Beverage Beer Wine & Spirits, McKays (Great Mills), The Lexington Lounge, Rod-n-Reel, Bay-Mart (Ridge), Ridge Market and Abell's Tavern.


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