Virginia Lawmakers Trying to Ban Vile "Truck Nuts"

 Yesterday Virginia lawmakers were faced with Delegate Lionell Spruill, Sr.'s introduction of House Bill 1452, which proposed to make illegal the, "Display of objects or devices representing or resembling genitalia on motor vehicles."

 As of this morning, Delegate Spruill's office told The Bay Net that the bill is still waiting to be assigned to a committee, but that they expect that will happen today.  If it passes through committee then it will go to a vote.  If all goes well for Delegate Spruill, then the bill could be law in just a few weeks.

 A similar bill was introduced in Maryland last year by Delegate LeRoy E. Myers, Jr.  That bill failed to become a law.  Marylanders can feel secure in displaying their vehicle testicles and other forms of genitalia that have yet to be banned.

 With such readily available rubber and metal replicas of low-swinging and embarrassingly anatomically correct scrotums, it might seem obvious that there is a heavy market for this.  It seems to perhaps be a cultural phenomenon for those primarily in the truck-driving segment of the population.

 One can ascertain this insight by typing the keywords "novelty truck accessories" into Google and the first couple of things that pop up are links to these charming truck and some motorcycle-based novelties.  These items are further down on the list of desirable accessories if you simply type in "novelty car accessories."

 If passed, those who travel from Maryland to Virginia for work may want to neuter their truck before crossing the state line or face a $250 fine.

 The impact on the novelty vehicle accessory industry is as yet unknown.




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